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  Need a secured loan, mortgage or other type of finance but got bad credit? Our brokers can help secure an affordable deal for you if you have...
  • Missed or defaulted on payments.  Max 2 defaults if registered in past 2 years.
  • CCJ's more than 2 years old or just 1 CCJ under £2500 if in the last 2 years.
  • Settled your IVA at least 3 years ago.
  • Been discharged from bankruptcy for more than 3 years
call 01305 300022
Lines open: 9am-6pm Mon-Thurs. 9am-1pm Fri.
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Frequently asked questions

1 How quickly will I get a decision?

We can usually obtain a Decision in Principle (DIP) from a lender within 24 hours, and often the same day.

2 How much deposit will I need?

The deposit required will be determined by how recent and how severe the bad credit is. Every case is different and much will depend on your individual circumstances.  However 15% is likely to be the minimum acceptable to lenders unless your bad credit occurred 5 or 6 years ago.

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3 - What are my chances of getting a mortgage with bad credit?

This will depend on the specific circumstances of your case and the severity of the bad credit. But as a general rule of thumb, your chances are better if the credit event (missed payment, ccj, iva, discharge from bankruptcy etc) occurred more than 2 years ago.

If it was less than 2 years ago, we may still be able to help but you will be restricted in the number of lenders and products available.  Fees and APR's may also be higher.

4 I've just been declined for a mortgage elsewhere. Can you help?

Yes. The brokers we work with have access to specialist niche lenders who cater to the adverse credit mortgage market. So even if you've been declined recently by a high street bank or other lender, it's still worth getting in touch.

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5 - I'm an ex-bankrupt, can you help me get a mortgage?

This will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. But your chances should be reasonable if you were discharged from bankruptcy at least 3 years ago, have kept a clean credit history since, and can put down a 10-15% deposit.

After 4-5 years, products become available to ex-bankrupts with terms much closer to mainstream deals.

If you've been discharged less than 2 years ago, it is very unlikely we will be able to help as there are barely any deals available for recently discharged bankrupts. The ones that are tend to be punitive, with extremely high interest charges and fees. The lender is also likely to require a higher deposit of 40% or more.

6 I want to remortgage, how much can I borrow?

Up to 75% of the value of your property, subject to your credit score and affordability checks.

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7 Do I need a copy of my credit report before I contact you?

No, not at all.  However the brokers will need to see your credit report to assess your circumstances properly. So we recommend you download your credit file as soon as possible after you call or make your 60 second online application.